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Background artwork and image animation is also a part of a music composition. Artworks are made by different techniques, usually a template / pose image used and modified with different application as Corel draw, Corel Painter, Painter 5, Krita, Gimp and hand painting with touch sensible drawing tablet. Below a typical result can be seen.

A new ambient / relaxing music track with female vocal was released (2019 dec) - Ethereal Wisdom
Below is a screen of the favorite DAW - Zynewave Podium and music production arsenal for recording and mixing this music. The image on the right is the background artwork. See more at RELEASES page

This is a normal view  for mixing  tracks.  Different DAW is being used for recording and mixing.
But sometimes recording and mixing are made in same application depends on the nature of  the work.
 Below a different DAW can be seen for mixing. The recording was made in Podium.  

Video editing: Favorite video editor allows  export into various video formats and compression rates, very flexible. Some video files require video effects or titles need to be added.  

Creation process of industrial effect sounds for 8Dio Free Home Community project collaboration
Recorded sound files were post-processed in DAW (Harrison Mixbus)  using various effect plugins

A new music track was released (2020 April) - Adventures
Below is a screen of creation  and mixing of this music.  Music MIDI tracks were recorded in Zynewave Podium DAW and audio tracks were processed and finally mixed in Harrison Mixbus
This music features combined ambient, cinematic elements and female vocal.  See more at RELEASES page : Adventures

Adventures II.  was mixed in Harrison Mixbus and MIDI recording was made using Zynewave Podium DAW. Audio tracks from Podium are transferred into Mixbus for mixing. Level monitoring and part of audio tracks can be seen in the image above.   See more at RELEASES page : Adventures II

Beyond the Forgotten Land
New composition by Attila Sebo. This composition features custom designed sounds also. I did not want to follow the conventional path of epic music creating and “schemes”.   The main goal was to create musically appealing yet simple but different composition with my “signature sounds” . A short screen video can be seen here about recording MIDI tracks of the beginning of this music. Later the recorded tracks transferred into Harrison Mixbus DAW for audio mixing, similar as can be seen below on image 2. Later I am going to share here more details.   (Updated: 08 jan. 2021)

One of my sound demo was featured in a demo track for a new synthesizer - March 2021
One of my sound demo was featured in a demo track for a new synthesizer Warlock by Tone2 Audiosoftware
 It was nice to make the demo with this great synth !  Listen my 30 sec long sound effect contribution for the demo  there - >  - > demo2. Ambient Cinematic NewAge Atmospheric  - between 3m55s – 4m25s  section
Demo were created using up to 4 instances of synthesizer with only one external EQ. The sound track was recorded in my favorite DAW Zynewave Podium, then the audio files were transferred into Harrison Mixbus for mixing and post processing.

Demo tracks for synthesizer – how were they made?
I made demo sound tracks for Tone2 Saurus3 synthesizer
listen them:    2. Cinematic Atmo category- between  00:47 – 02:27 min. 2 tracks

Saurus3  is an  extremely authentic emulation of analog synthesizers. It was great to make sound demos for it. A combination of 2 screen shots of mixing can be seen below,  and a typical screen of  recording (2 nd image)  DAW / audio mixing: Harrison Mixbus. For MIDI processing I used  Zynewave Podium as well.

I also won the 3rd prize with these 2 tracks at Tone2 demo-song contest for
Saurus3 synthesizer.


This unique piece is a collaboration project. Ethic instruments and custom designed  ambient pads can be heard.
Many thanks for Nick G Coward for the additional vocal concept and voices.
Vocal: Nick G Coward  Composed and produced by Attila Sebo

 this shorter piece I used a combination of ethnic instrument, male and female vocals, trailer sounds with custom designed synthesizer patches. It was a fun to combine these elements, the result is hopefully unique, and fits for the background painting as well.
 and features combined ambient, cinematic
elements and female vocal

New demo tracks for synthesizer

I made demo sound tracks for Tone2 Icarus2 synthesizer  Listen them:
5. Atmo Competition category  
3 tracks appeared, between  00:49 - 01:24 min ** 3:18 - 4:15 min ** 4:59 – 5:55 min

Screen shots of making and mixing one of tracks can be seen below.  DAW / audio mixing: Harrison Mixbus.
For MIDI processing I used  Zynewave Podium as well.

I also won a prize with these tracks at Tone2 demo-song contest for Icarus2 synthesizer

My demo soundtracks won 1 st prize at Tone2 Gladiator demo song contest

My demo song compositions won 1st prize at Tone2  Gladiator synthesizer demo song contest couple of weeks ago.
2 instrumental track versions from my latest album “In a Dream” also were included, and currently can be heard  in
Tone2 Gladiator demo song selections :     - > audio demos  4: Cinematic & Meditative  

My winner tracks there:

00s - 0m:57s,         1m:30s - 2m:29s           3m:09s - 04m:01s (synth FX instrument demo)

4m:44 - 5m:34s  (Berlin School style demo) ,       6m:08s - 7m:02s          7m:43s - 8m:38s

9m:22s-10m:19s  (track no.5 instrumental version from "in a dream” album)

10m:53s – 11m:50s  ,             11m:50s - 12m:44s

12m:44s - 13m:41s  ( instrumental version of the "in a dream" album main title)

Lower part of  this image: screen of a Gladiator demo song recording / mixing
Upper part  of  this image: The Tone2 instrument and effect bundle I won with the
1st prize. These instruments and effects are the main parts of my arsenal now.       
(Updated: Oct. 2022)

Forever - DAW cast of new release

“Forever” is a sequel of the latest album “ In a dream“  This new age / relaxation music composition features the beautiful
sound of alto flute and folklore music vocal phrases. I shared here the alto flute DAW track  upon request.
This composition features the following instruments and sound engines: 8dio Soundpaint Engine (Alto Flute and voice) Synthesizer sounds and FX: Tone2  Gladiator and Icarus. The alto flute track was played manually (many attempts for the desired result)  using E-MU MIDI keyboard, and there were no major adjustments on MIDI track after.
(Forever: release date : 26 June 2023)

 Visit please the project page here for more details

Paintings featured in music tracks
 ©  Grandfailure ,   © Liuzishan
© outsiderzone , © Attila Sebo
 © 3000ad  
©  Helen Ilnytska

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