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Updated February 2020
This Privacy applies to this website

There may be changes in this policy without notification. It is recommended to check out this text from time to time.

Cookies are tiny pieces of information that are stored by your Internet browser as text files on hard drive of your computer.
We are not using currently cookies for this site. If you click on any link or images, you will be redirected into 3rs party site. We do not have control on 3 rd  party
sites. Please read the 3rd site privacy policy for more information.

Cookies in this site
This site may use essential technical cookie for proper functioning. This cookie may be placed by the serer and we do not have control on it.
This technical cookie can not be removed and identifies this page during browsing only. Please use this site only if this is acceptable.
Third parties cookies and any other third parties elements
Third-party cookies are cookies that are set by a website other than this store. There may be links to other services outside this site. Using these 3rd party sites, these  sites may set up a cookie. We do not have control on 3 rd  party sites. The owner of this page - attilasebomusic - is not responsible to any cookies and any related elements, and any kind of effect caused by those elements, set up by third parties outside this site.

Third-party service providers
We currently do not use services of third-party service providers directly,  to perform functions on our behalf.  There are no email lists, social media like button, or embed media player or media content.  We currently do not track users here, only unpersonalized general statistics may be available such average visitors count or territory (country) of average visitors. We using links to redirect from this site into 3rd parties sites to watch video or check out our social media pages. If you click on buttons, you leave attilasebomusic site and in new separated window you will be able to see videos or social media pages outside our page. Please read the 3rd parties site privacy policy.

Collecting information
We do not collect  personal data here. If there is any purchase or licensing option are available, all such functions  are processed outside of this web page and those shops / sites have their own privacy policy and terms. In particular, rare cases, we might collect information for invoicing only, and have to store invoicing data for book keeping for a period of time required by local law.
Right of modify, limit of use or delete data
We do not collect  personal data here. There are no forms, no registration or shopping, no email sending options here.  In particular, rare cases, we might collect information for invoicing only outside of this site. We must keep invoicing data for book keeping for a period of time required by local law, currently at least 5 years ,in some cases 8 years. Invoicing data can not be altered, or can not be deleted.

Rights to ask for a stored personal data
Customer have a rights to ask for the information about handled data, and ask for the stored data in electronic format (PDF, doc )
You can contact us with the request via email addresses can be seen below.  We are going to respond within 2 business days. Note, this small business (1 person) may be unable to respond due to the unpredicted reasons. You agree to accept reasonable delays caused by any unpredicted technical or any other reasons. Please sent us messages into more than one our email address please. You agree the following: we may not be able to access our mailing services or other features due to third parties service provider`s technical problems. We are not responsible on any delays caused by third parties provider. In case of request we need to identify you. Therefore we are waiting request only from your original email address with name and address and order number as you have in case of former purchase from 'attilasebomusic” .
Note before asking for stored data> we do not collect  personal data here and no not store statistics data currently.

There is no login / register function here.

Web page and activity tracking
We currently do not track this site activity.  We can see only not personalized bulk statistics as daily / monthly visitor count or  visitors average geographic locations (country only), and visiting date/time. We can see these data for statistics, education purposes only, and does not store such data. 3rd parties service providers, as search engines, etc. may see statistics of this page without our knowledge or consent. We are not responsible of any 3rd parties service data handling as we do not have access such data and do not have control of them. Please read 3rd parties privacy policy to learn more about their policies , outside of this site.

Share of information
We does not share any information except for authorities required by law.

If you contact us via email, Sebo Attila – attilasebomusic  may use your email address to communicate with you only about your question.  We delete or store depersonalized way your incoming messages and email address after the communication only for statistics purposes , except if we need to keep them by law or regulations.  

Access to this site for children
There may be images / media content does not fit for age under 16. You are warranted that you are either 16 years of age or are using this site with the supervision of a parent or guardian.

You can file complain about data handling also at following local authority: , , the process of complain can be read here :

Our email addresses:

Site owner
This site is owned by Sebo Elektronik / Attila Sebo
Registered trade name is Sebo Elektronik, / translated Sebo Electronic / under Reg. Trade no . 38027880
with registered address H-2100 , Godollo, Semmelweis u. 2 – Hungary  European Union. Tax. No, 66715502-1-33
Data protection authority reg. No. 00003-0012
Web trading registration number 38027880
The web service is provided through / by Attila Sebo as individual.
H-2100 Godollo, Semmelweis u. 2 - Details may be available upon request if required by local regulations.

Download this privacy policy as PDF here

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