Paintings featured in music tracks
 ©  Grandfailure ,   © Liuzishan
© outsiderzone , © Attila Sebo
 © 3000ad  
©  Helen Ilnytska

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Latest news

Latest music tracks: Beyond The Eternity: chillout music (November 2020)  Adventures II. ( October 2020)  Earlier releases: Adventures I. , Ethereal Wisdom, Supernatural Lights, Horizons 2.  These compositions do not follow on stylistically from my previous tracks, and features new elements and combines ambient and epic sounds.


This track is a part of album “hyperjump” .
 You can listen this music on Youtube also.

New World

This music will be on a new album “hyperjump”, combines ambient and epic music elements.

 published. This track is a part of album “hyperjump” .  


This music is the 1st  track for the album “Hyperjump”.

Transcendent particles

Earlier music, features combination of space music elements and individually designed patches


New music track was published : Infinity
This track is for the project “Hyperjump”

Image animation for music video was created by attilasebo
You can listen this music on Youtube


New music track was published : Horizons
This music track features ambient and classic synthesizer sounds and vocal. Image animation for music video was created by attilasebo
You can listen this music on Youtube

Hyperjump VII   

This music composed for  “Hyperjump” project, the 7th piece

Horizons II
New release !   This ambient / space / relaxing music features new experimental elements and custom designed sound parches also.

Artworks for music tracks !
I have been creating new artworks for upcoming music compositions also.

Supernatural Lights
This relaxing music features ambient and epic music elements and custom designed sounds
This music track is a part of project : “hyperjump”

Ethereal Wisdom
Relaxation / new age music track with female vocal and drone sound elements


This music composed for  “Hyperjump” project and features combined ambient, cinematic elements and female vocal


Painting by Helen Ilnytska   Animation for this video: attilasebo


New Release - Adventures II.

This composition is a sequel to the “adventures” series and part of  the project “hyperjump”. This music features the same instruments as the previous part.

Painting by CHA WAK   Image processing for this video: attilasebo

Beyond The Eternity - attilasebo

Beyond The Eternity

Listen my new chillout, relaxation music with headphone - this composition is the second  piece of a new ambient - relaxation music project, after the “Ethereal Wisdom” This composition features custom designed drone sounds, choir and female vocals